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 About Us 

Our Mission


  • To become the UK’s leading provider of evidence-based safeguarding training.

  • To enable every school-based professional access to high-quality resources and training that support the acquisition of skills to safeguard effectively.

  • To provide a platform which improves PSHE practice and competency and reduces dependence on external agencies.

What We Do​

Safe 4 Schools supports the education sector to provide consistent, high quality and evidence-based safeguarding training that is crucial for any agency which aspires to deliver safe and effective services to their clients and service users.

Our Approach 

Our unique approach helps schools to maximise existing school platforms such as PSHE to embed effective safeguarding practice at all levels.

Our Team


Our team consists of industry experts from all 4 statutory agencies, including Police, Local Authority, Health and Education. This ensures our training and services meets the needs of our clients.