Our full offer helps ensure your school    

 meets its statutory responsibilities 

Our full offer means membership to our annual safeguarding compliance programme. This option helps schools ensure they are meeting their statutory requirements related to safeguarding.


It's a great option for schools who want to save time and money as it means you don't need to release staff ad-hoc to receive safeguarding training, your DSL training is covered and you receive a huge amount of support to embed safeguarding in your school-wide policies and practice and your curriculum.


Click here to speak to one of the team about membership and see below for details and benefits of membership.

  Member Schools Receive   

2x spaces on a CPD accredited ‘Designated Safeguarding Lead’ Workshop


In-house CPD accredited ‘Generalist Safeguarding’ Workshop delivered at your convenience


All trained staff signed up to our alert system informing you of when updates/refreshers are required


Access to safeguarding webinars on a range of topics delivered by industry professionals as well as our own team of experts

Access to our secure online portal hosting evidence-based resources and themed PSHE schemes of work which support safeguarding. Topics include: Grooming and CSE, Radicalisation and Extremism, Relationship and Sex Education, Risk-Taking Behaviours and Mental Health


Access to our ever growing ‘Evidence Locker’ hosting statutory documentation, best practice guidance and research across a range of safeguarding themes


Our ‘Are you OFSTED ready?’ safeguarding checklist to support you in preparing for inspection and maintaining a ‘safe’ school site and operating environment

 Benefit for your school 

Ensures your DSL and deputy receive training at the suggested statutory intervals.


All staff trained to required standard reducing the need to release individual staff for safeguarding training thus reducing costs


Never miss changes to legislation, good practice of changes to policy



Improves the knowledge, expertise and competency of your staff as a continuous process 


Helps you embed safeguarding throughout your curriculum, strengthening your offer, improving your practice and helping your pupils feel safe. Constantly updated and improved it ensures your school has access to resources which reflect the latest practice developments.


Not only provides extensive resources for staff it also provides evidence of the importance your school places on the provision of documentation and guidance for all staff


Helps ensure that your school is ready for OFSTED, compliant and providing the highest quality safeguarding practice for your pupils, staff and parents and carers.