Key Stage 2


We have developed this curriculum using 8 key themes from within PSHE and the new DfE guidelines, these themes include mental well-being, relationships and sex education, risk-taking behaviours and more.


Year 3

Age Restrictions
How we Should Behave Online
British Red Cross - Stay Safe
British Red Cross - Stay Safe Worksheet
Early Warning Signs

Year 4

Mood Food
Online Behaviour
British Red Cross - Help Save Lives
KeEping Our Teeth Healthy - C4LIFE
Managing Conflict

Year 5

Being Healthy
Talking about Puberty
Sharing Online
Seeing Health
Puberty - Lucinda and Godfrey
British Red Cross - Memory Aid
Risks of Alcohol
Expectations and Pressures
Staying Safe
Supporting Ourselves and Others

Year 6

Coping with Stress
Worry and Stress
Helpful and Unhelpful Worries
Taking Risks
Early Warning Signs
Drugs and Medicine
Courtesy and Manners
Managing Peer Pressure
British Red Cross - Emergency Action
British Red Cross - Emergency Call Worksheet
Puberty - Lucinda and Godfrey
Trust Me - Online Contact
Trust Me - Online Content
Body Image Online



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